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Cleaning Up After A Home Renovation

Posted on 16 July 2013 by Rachel

renovation_clean_upRenovations can be tiresome. Soon as you are done remodeling, in comes another hard task; cleaning up. If you look around, you will notice that there are wood shavings, dust, plaster and pieces of scrap wood among others. All these will be scattered all over leaving you wondering when you will ever get your house looking clean again.  If you are working indoors, close the doors to prevent dust from spreading to other rooms. You can place some plastic sheets on the floor. These will help collect dust and other debris. Read on for additional tips on cleaning up once you are done renovating:

  • Wipe off the walls. Use a damp cloth to avoid having dust getting into your lungs. For the ceilings and other high places, wrap the cloth on a broom stick. If you are going to use cleaning agents, choose the mild types. You do not want to damage the same surfaces that you have been working so hard to renovate.
  • Collect the larger pieces of debris first. These include sheets of metal, electric cables and sawn pieces of wood. Before wiping or sweeping, collect these first. They are easy to gather and put in one place.  Rent roll off dumpsters Louisville and place them in a convenient spot. Put all your debris here.
  • Sweep the floor before vacuuming. Sprinkle some water on the floor before sweeping it. Collect the dirt using a dust pan and dispose it in a trash bag. Once you are done, you can now proceed to vacuum the floor. Vacuuming also helps clean dirt trapped on carpets. Follow this up with mopping in order to eradicate all dirt particles
  • Clean your light fixtures, fan blades and vents. Remember to clean these after the dust has settled. Switch off power to minimize incidents of electric shock. After cleaning these places, screw them back into their wall panels.
  • Use plastic sheets. Before starting your indoor renovation work, you should move furniture to one corner of the room. Cover it with transparent plastic sheets. Spread the same sheets on the floor to collect dust, debris and sawdust. This makes cleaning work easier.
  • To avoid lots of trash indoors, measure and cut the wood panels outside.  Do the same for paint mixing. If you notice that there is a large pile of trash, scoop it using a shovel rather than a dust pan. Have some trash bags nearby. You will need a wheelbarrow to transport the trash bags to the dumpster.

Another easy alternative is to collect trash after completion of the day’s work. This way, you will only have little cleaning to do on the last day of the renovation project. After completion of cleaning, call the Louisville dumpster firm to take the trash bins away.

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