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Effective Ways To Reach Your Customers

Posted on 09 August 2012 by Rachel

Customers want you to reach out to them, and there are several ways to do so including direct mail, social media and an email campaign from Mad Mimi email marketing services.  With this being the age of information, it is difficult to be heard above the noise of all the other information out there.  That is why it is important to have a cohesive message that can be spread through varying ways of message delivery.  It should still go through traditional channels like TV, radio and billboards, but it had better include the newer ways to communicate with an audience.

People still watch television, listen to the radio and can see billboards from their vehicle, but as markets split, it is getting harder to reach people just through TV and radio.  Television stations are now in the hundreds of channels, so the possibility that the people you want to reach watching a specific show at a specific time are remote.  With DVR and other recording devices, it is easier for anyone to skip commercials, so that even if the show gets watched, there is no guarantee that the ad will get seen.  Radios are now facing competition from Sirius and cars that have on board Pandora reception.  Even billboard messages, which are still seen by the multitudes as they commute to and from work, have their own sort of competition.  New electronic billboards show multiple ads that rotate thus delivering a smaller market share to those who purchase the ads.

Social media and web sites seem like the way to go, but this means getting a team together and having them be the sole proprietors of the electronic media.  They need to design a web site that is not only guest-friendly, but that is also searchable.  The best designed web site with the greatest content ever isn’t worth very much if it ends up on page 10 of Google and Yahoo searches.  It will never be seen.  Facebook and Twitter are the same.  They require people to visit and to subscribe or like in order to be effective.

Mad Mimi email marketing is a good way to start getting the message out about products, web sites and Facebook pages.  Using a dedicated email marketing service can greatly increase traffic to a web site and convert visitors into buyers.  Having someone with the expertise on board to create an email marketing stratagem that will work keeps the email from being sent to the spam folder.  It will also help to keep the development work of the social media team to a manageable level.  It is important to make sure that people know where to find you and your company online for future profitability.

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