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Exploring Human Resources Software Technology

Posted on 28 February 2012 by Rachel

Hr Software profile templatePeople management, talent management, HRIS, HRMS, HCM, and a slew of other names and acronyms are often used to describe the role of human resource software and it’s use in the HR profession.  It’s important to note that technology is not a replacement for a sound human resources strategy.  Technology, especially good technology, is a critical enabler in managing human capital.

It seems every few years the technology-scape related to HR is condensed even more, yet the nature of these systems will always focus on compensation, talent profiles, employee records, and employee records.  Connecting the data silos into one core system of record as your employee database supports required HR processes that will help HR to more effectively hire, manage, develop, motivate, retain, and analyze their workforce.

Done correctly, this information links the entire company together and feeds the key HR software processes, decreases error-prone data and employee records, and improves ability to make strategic decisions with real-time data.   Small and medium business historically was left out of the game in terms of capacity to acquire and use this type of human resource software.  However, recent trends in SaaS and cloud computing are bringing big business power to the small and medium business arena globally.

Following are several key benefits:


-          Strategic initiatives and execution become more mission critical, meaning a seat at the strategy table for HR

-          The entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to termination or retirement, becomes linked via hr software

-          HR information and processes are consistent company-wide, everyone interacts with the same data.

-          Reporting is fast, centralized, and more accurate which leads to improved decision-making

-          Performance processes are automated and goals are clearly defined

-          Easier to align employee productivity and performance to the company’s goals and strategy.

-          Top performers rise to the top and succession planning is enhanced.

-          Data supports when and where learning and development programs are needed.

-          The most qualified people land in key positions because of hiring technology capabilities.


HR leaders need the vision, time, and capacity to act right now to obtain these benefits.  Especially in the SMB arena, where one individual does the work of entire teams at larger firms.  By thinking and planning ahead, HR can avoid succession planning failures (53% of all companies have NO succession planning process). What will you do when you lose that key employee? What will you do to engage employees and have immediate impact on the bottom line? What will you do when legal issues and compliance result in drastic expenses and pain?   Start today and retain your top performers, hire successful candidates, and enhance employee development.   Use HR software and analyze the workforce to build infrastructure and strategy, and avoid the pitfalls of simply maintaining the status quo.

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