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Keeping the Resale Value of your New Car High

Posted on 21 May 2012 by Rachel

keeping your car running

Keep your car clean and tidy will help you get the most value for your car when you try and trade it in. Doing these things keeps the value of your vehicle up and you happy when it comes time to turn over the keys and move on.

1. Follow the maintenance schedule

Whenever you get the oil changed in your car, a note is left with the date or mileage of the next checkup. Pay attention to these dates and keep your receipts. You want to be able to prove that you maintained your car properly to any buyer who is interested in this. A serious buyer should be wondering about these things. Having it on record proves that the car is at maximum capability and has been take care of carefully. You have probably seen those commercials in which sellers are not unmasking the problems with their car. Do not be one of those crooks. Maintain your integrity and prove it with good maintenance and receipts.

2. Buy the right kind of car

Certain cars and particular features hold better value than others. Check the bluebook for the best makes of vehicles that retain their value over time. Mercedes, Honda, and BMW are known to last. Before buying a car, make sure that the one you are looking at is on the “good” list. Options like power windows and locks and air conditioning really increase the value of your car, as well.

3. Keep it clean with CarID floor mats

When you consistently clean your car, it is more likely to keep a good paint job and sparkle as though it is new. Make sure to keep the inside clean and tidy, too. Use custom fit floor mats to line and protect the carpets. Buyers will most likely lift up the mats to make sure that carpets are in pristine condition, just as they would when buying a home. Keep dirt and grime off the carpets but installing mats that catch it all. Good mats are better than rugs. Pick the kind that fits your lifestyle-some are better for harsh weather conditions and others are better for a comfortable lifestyle.

4. Don’t customize it

Resist the urge to make your car different than it was when bought. Don’t add things that cost extra money and actually decrease the value of the vehicle. If you must upgrade, install easily removable merchandise, such as floor mats, rims, or steering wheel covers. Do not go all out on something that can doubly cost you money.

5. Drive safely

When you take it easy on the road you add to the value of your car. The less crashes your car has been in, the higher its value is.


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