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Logos of the Top 10 Most Expensive Fashion Brands of 2011

Posted on 03 July 2012 by Rachel

Fashion is an industry that is making money because women just love to shop. Their impeccable taste for fashion and spending power to satisfy their eye for beauty and quality cannot be discounted.


Women’s eye can be compared with an eagle. They can easily spot expensive brands not only for their design but also for their logos or brand.


10th on the list of the most expensive fashion brands is Hermès , is a French high fashion brand established in 1837.  Hermès became famous for making exceptional and stunning bags and scarves. They also carry perfumery and ready-to-wear items. The 1950′s logo is an execution of duke carriage with a horse.


This outstanding brand makes around 2 billion dollars annually. So how does one spot the authentic bag from the fake bag aside from the pronounced shape of the authentic Hermès bag? The shape of the fake bag would show bulges instead of a straight, sleek line. Each Hermès bag is hand-made to perfection.


Another tip to spot a fake bag is on the stamp of the authentic Hermès bag, it should be clean and uniform. The fake bag’s logo stamp appears spotty and irregular.



 Authentic Hermès Birkin                       Fake Hermès Birkin


9th on the list is Versace, an Italian brand which was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. Under the various brands of the Versace group are luxury clothing, fragrances, and accessories, make up and even home furnishings. The Versace logo illustrates a representation of the head of Medusa, a woman who offended the gods and was transformed into a monster. This logo idea was from Gianni Versace , influenced by his attraction to classical art and architecture.







8th on the list is Christian Louboutin, a French footwear designer. In 1991, he launched high-end women’s shoes in France. This designer brand makes breath-taking shoes for women. His signature is the unique red-lacquered soles of all of his shoes. In March 2007, Louboutin sought to protect his red sole design when he filed an application for U.S. trademark protection.








7th on the list is Prada, a status symbol. Mario Prada established Prada fashion in 1992. This fashion icon manufactures leather accessories, shoes and hats. Prada is one of the most influential clothing designers in the fashion industry. It rakes in 1.7 billion dollars a year. The stylish triangular Prada metal plate attached in front of the signature bag is sophisticated and classy.

6th on the list is Dior, a French company engaged in high-fashion clothing called Christian Dior Couture. This brand was launched in 1946 and now holds 42% of Louis Vuitton, world’s largest luxury goods firm. With 160 retail stores around the world, Dior generates more or less 18 billion dollars a year.






5th on the list is Fendi, is known for its “baguette” hand bags.  Fendi is a high fashion Italian house which was launched in 1925 as a fur and leather shop in Rome. Now, it generates 338.5 million in revenues every year.







4th on the list is Burberry, famous for its trench coats which was invented by its founder Thomas Burberry. Its distinct tartan pattern is the one of the most widely copied trademarks. Annually, they make around a billion dollars.



3rd on the list is Chanel, founded by haute couturier Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.  Chanel, recognized all over the world, manufactures high end luxury goods. Its logo represents a distinctive interlocking double ‘C’ design.

2nd on the list is Louis Vuitton or LV, a French brand. Its products include leather stuff, watches, sunglasses and all types of shoes. It generates 2.7 billion annually.

Finally, at number 1 and top on the list is Gucci, makers of excellent leather goods. It was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. This outstanding Italian brand generates 1.2 billion dollars annually. Almost similar to the Chanel logo, Gucci’s is an execution of the double ‘G.’


Although some of the brands have explanations on how their logos came to be, one cannot imagine how its loyal clients will react to a rebrand. A serious re-brand for companies like this would take extensive research and work with a digital hybrid agency that can help determine if a re-brand would help the image, and if so, designing the actual logo. These logos have become icons in the fashion industry and any changes should be carefully considered. Owning any of those branded items is a dream for every woman of taste and class.

Like the recent attempt to rebrand Gap, doing something like that for any of these brands will receive major negative and unfavorable reactions from its patrons and clients. Some designs go as far back as the 18th to the 19th century.

These brands’ identities are synonymous to its logo. Some brands just used their names as their logos. Typography execution is important in this aspect. It should embody class, high fashion and perfection. In these cases, less is definitely more.

Some of the brands’ look similar but the execution gave each of them a unique identity. Also, at least 2 to 3 of these brands use letters facing each other, turned upside down or inter-locking. Could it be possible that they have the same logo designer?

Visible similarity in these brands is the use of their names as their logos written or executed in block letters. Only Louboutin tried the script, signature type of execution at the same time using it as the logo.

Simplicity in all of these brands is tantamount to class. No matter how expensive these items are, people patronize the products because of their style, craftsmanship, high quality and high fashion.

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